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Dunedin Photographers and Husband & Wife team, Craig & Sarah O’Neill love weddings.  Their style is relaxed, intimate, artistic and fun.

Established in 2001 with their first wedding shot on ten rolls of film, Craig has now photographed hundreds of weddings, transisitioning to digital technologies.
“What you see here is the culmination of a lot of hard work, practice, study, refinement and lots and lots of FUN!”

For Craig it all started in 1998. He was working as an electronics technician in Sydney and his boss was a retired photographer. They talked a lot about photography and before you know it, he was hooked. He purchased his first Canon camera from Photokina back in Dunedin and did everything he could to learn the art of photography. After a couple of years he eventually realised that if he was serious about this he had to do something drastic. He quit his day job, moved to another city and went to Art School.

“I learnt the importance of being professional, planning, understanding the Bride and Groom’s needs and how to deliver consistent results.
Education is essential. Being a professional photographer is much more than owning a camera, just like being a builder is much more than owning a hammer. Since completing my studies, I have continued to practice, study, develop myself and work alongside other professional photographers, having lots of fun on the way.”

When Craig & Sarah team up for a wedding, they offer you a personalised service.  Craig just loves creating personalised art pieces for your home and Sarah is your ultimate Bridesmaid tending to everything that is required to create a masterpiece.
Please feel free to browse around their website and contact Craig if you would like to arrange to meet in person to discuss your wedding plans and view their sample albums.