Denise & Phillip {Married – St Joseph’s}

In November, Denise and Phillip who now live in Sydney returned to Phillip’s home town of Dunedin, to marry each other at the amazing St Joseph’s Cathedral.  It was an awesome day visiting some of Dunedin’s great photo locations to get some amazing images, but you just can’t beat the front of the Cathedral for stunning!  We even managed to get a photo at the front of the Railway Station without any cars or tourists, but only because my trusty wife acted as security, politely asking people walking by to give us a couple of minutes to get the shot.
Denise’s amazing dress which she purchased in Sydney is beautifully complimented by her flowers from Jolene at Estelle here in Dunedin.
Congratulations Denise & Phillip!!

Dunedin Wedding Photography_0016Dunedin Wedding Photography_0017Dunedin Wedding Photography_0018Dunedin Wedding Photography_0019

Amazing flowers from Jolene at Estelle FlowersDunedin Wedding Photography_0020Dunedin Wedding Photography_0021Dunedin Wedding Photography_0022Dunedin Wedding Photography_0023Dunedin Wedding Photography_0024Dunedin Wedding Photography_0025Dunedin Wedding Photography_0026

Love St Joseph’s !!!Dunedin Wedding Photography_0027Dunedin Wedding Photography_0028Dunedin Wedding Photography_0029Dunedin Wedding Photography_0030Dunedin Wedding Photography_0031Dunedin Wedding Photography_0032

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